Jon Stokes on dealing with uncertain and volatile environments.

Jon Stokes is interviewed on the subject of coaching and feedback.

Jon Stokes shares his expertise on what leadership capabilities will gain importance in the future.

Richard Jolly on Building Personal & Organisational Resilience. London Business School, 29 July 2016

Do you get a buzz from only... just... catching a plane? Do you eat at your desk, while checking your emails? Do you check your mobile phone multiple times an hour? If so, you have what London Business School Adjunct Professor Richard Jolly calls hurry sickness.

Richard Jolly, professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School, explains 'hurry sickness'. He tells the FT's Charlotte Clarke that executives are rushing around with little time to think, reducing their ability to focus on key priorities.

Professor Richard Jolly talks to HR professionals about "handling complexity" in the modern organisation, at the School's HR Development Day.

Business psychologist Jonathan Stokes on measuring the emotional toll of the market mayhem.

Stories. Richard Jolly discusses how we learn and engage people through stories.

Seven Truths about Managing Change. Richard Jolly lists the key points involved in Managing Change.

Jon Stokes of organisational consultancy firm Stokes & Jolly, talks about the herd mentality during times of economic crisis.

Barriers to Listening. Richard Jolly identifies the 12 key barriers which prevent us listening to people..

The Paradox of Success.  Richard Jolly presents the topic of the Paradox of Success to his MBA students.